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Win Chance Metal Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of metal hardware with more than 20 years of professional experiences. The main objective is to provide customers with a superior quality and outstanding competitive prices. The team is extremely attentive to customer needs. Win Chance always supported with a totally satisfactory and guarantee services.

Win Chance utilizes advanced wire forming, precision punching, thread rolling machine, along with accurate jig to correspond to the production. It has the ability to satisfied small quantities and also batched up with larger production capacity. In the most recent years, Win Chance had been inno-vatively creating on raw product material: such as Wire-form parts, Machined hardware parts, Stamped & pressed parts, Forgings, Ratchet Buckle, Cam Buckle and Ratchet tie down. We are also the manufacturers of special bolts, nuts and fasteners. (...more)